Brisbane City

Brisbane City

Postcode: 4000 | Distance to CBD: 0 km 

Living in the Brisbane CBD is a relatively recent phenomenon and has become increasingly popular in the past decade. Forget about mowing the lawn and maintaining a private home and garden, city dwellers live in eyries in the sky. 

Brisbane's CBD real estate has therefore proved very popular with the young and upwardly mobile and also with retirees whose children have left the nest. The residents are diverse and multicultural, most enjoying the range of high rises available for residential dwelling.

Residents can avoid public transport and peak hour traffic – walking to work, university or out to drinks and dinner in the evening. Living in the city also places you in walking distance of major retailers, business offices, churches, parklands and gardens, the Queensland University of Technology and all forms of public transport. This area is the definition of prime real estate. Brisbane residents also find navigating by foot quite easy – there are streets named after English kings that run in one direction, and streets named after female monarchs that run in the other.

Those living in the CBD also have easy access to the Riverside Expressway leading onto the Southeast Motorway and the Gold Coast, the Victoria Bridge and Goodwill Pedestrian Bridge leading into South Brisbane, the Story Bridge leading into Kangaroo Point, and the Inner-City Bypass.

Brisbane City Real Estate

The city's property market has experienced strong demand in recent years, mainly with investors. There are a number of new high-rises in the area and the city sprawl is consistently expanding with new development proposals being put forward frequently. In addition to new development, the refurbishment of older buildings continues to attract a large amount of attention. The western side of Petrie Terrace was one of the first residential areas developed after Brisbane was settled. About 300 houses, typically built on small lots, are located in this area. These properties have undergone significant renovation and the price of property in the Petrie Terrace precinct has grown substantially. To ensure this Brisbane real estate loses none of its historic character, the City Council has a control plan in place to ensure future developments are in accordance with existing residential and historic built environments.

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Brisbane city is finally shaking its name as a “big country town” – it is therefore not surprising that the CBD is a high demand property market. If you’re interested in real estate in Brisbane city, we would love to hear from you. Stephen Pahl has many years’ experience working in the area, and his expert advice will be invaluable whether you’re looking to sell, lease or buy. To get in touch, simply fill out the contact form or give us a call today.

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